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Lacy's Wish List

Favorite Color: Pink, Purple, Blue & Green
Favotire TV Show/Cartoon: SpongeBob, Wall-E, Wow Wow Wubbzy, Super Why
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Fruit
Favarite Thing to do: Play with dolls, Play with Brett, Swing outside

Barbie Jeep

Playskool Dance Cam

Leapfrog Computer

Wall-E Movie things
(She is in love with this movie)
   Eve  Wall-E

My Little Pony RC Scootaloo

Tinkerbell Dolls - any

Mega Blocks Cinderella Garden

Little Mommy Baby Knows Doll

Arts & Crafts

Barbie Party Cruise Ship


Hopscotch Rug
Any character - Rug or foam


V-Smile Games

Stick Horse

Kids Knex - Seasme Street ones
Has Elmo, and Abby Caddaby

Mr. Potato Head Parts & Pieces
Has Chef & Sassy Spud

Barbie Things
Cloths - Peekaboo Doll - Spin N Spray Mermaid

Aquadoodle Mat & Stamps


Shirts - 4T
Paints - 4T with adjustable waist if possible
PJ's - 4T
Slippers - 10